OpenEye’s Retrofit Options Lower the Cost of Advanced Security Technology


OpenEye’s retrofitting options allow users to take advantage of powerful cloud-managed video in OpenEye Web Services (OWS) without having to worry about the costs involved in replacing their entire security infrastructure.

Normally, upgrading a user’s system so they can take advantage of powerful next-gen technology would require significant amounts of downtime and labor to completely rip and replace the hardware.

However, retrofitting through OpenEye offers the ability to preserve much of the existing security’s architecture, whether current cameras or other business systems, to more easily scale their surveillance according to their budget and needs.

OpenEye offers analytics within their platform, turning your existing cameras into an intelligent solution, while their open ecosystem allows you to deploy integrated technology future-proofing your investment.

The retrofitting options available with OWS open the door to modern video surveillance without requiring a complete commitment to a new solution. OpenEye provides a low-cost path to cloud security that will let them scale with time.

Use What’s Already Available

After customers have already invested in a company-wide security system, it can be discouraging to see new technology quickly outpace the capabilities of their hardware.

By retrofitting their video security, surveillance system owners will be able to invest in their system over time, instead of having to continually seek out newer solutions. This provides a less costly option and the freedom to select what’s needed for their business.

OpenEye’s open ecosystem allows integration with third-party cameras and existing business systems, such as access control, intrusion alarms, point-of-sale, and more. By building on to the video security that is in place, you’ll be able to create an end-to-end solution that works for your customer.

There will be no need to rip and replace. Instead, they’ll get all the value of a next-generation video solution for a fraction of the cost.

Avoid System Downtime and Lower Installation Costs

Upgrading video security is a worthwhile investment, but there is still an additional factor to consider: time.

A surveillance system will be down while the newer solution is put in place. If you are ripping and replacing an entire security infrastructure, that could be days without normal surveillance measures in place.

Because much of the cabling and hardware is left in place, retrofitting lessens the amount of time needed to revamp the security significantly. Less time needed to upgrade a system means less time without video surveillance, and less labor needed. If users just want to enjoy the benefits of automated health monitoring and remote access while keeping their cameras, then OpenEye can help.

Retrofit options can be quickly deployed to avoid as much system downtime as possible while also saving money on additional labor costs.

Help Businesses Scale Over Time

Retrofitting an existing security system with OWS not only provides additional value to a camera network but also allows businesses to scale their security over time.

This future-proofs their investment with OpenEye, creating new opportunities to adjust the architecture as their video security needs change.

OpenEye Web Services is flexible enough that not only can cameras be replaced or added with time, but you can easily add entire locations to a system in the future. OpenEye’s cloud cameras can also be leveraged to add additional channels and analytics regardless of the limitations of the current server.

With retrofitting, the ability to scale security over time also gives businesses the chance to test out different options for their security without having to make a hard commitment to one solution or another. Now, a low-cost pathway to the cloud is easier than ever with OpenEye’s retrofit options.

Bring Your Clients’ Security System to the Next Level

OpenEye’s flexible and scalable retrofitting options offer next generation technology without next generation costs by allowing businesses to selectively choose how they want to upgrade their system, giving them a low-cost migration path to the cloud

Analytics in OWS also give businesses access to powerful AI-based video analytics without having to upgrade their cameras. Motion, person and vehicle, line crossing, loitering, and intrusion analytics can all be leveraged to get more from existing video security without the costs of implementing new cameras.

Ready to see how retrofitting can benefit your customers’ video security? Reach out to your sales representative at OpenEye to learn more about the powerful, convenient, and scalable applications of OpenEye’s retrofit options.

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